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Children's Corps

Why Children’s Corps is needed

In the United States today, too many children languish in foster care. The children that stay in care the longest are the most likely to leave the system without a permanent adult connection, making them even more vulnerable to a host of negative outcomes, such as increased rates of incarceration, homelessness, and unemployment. These outcomes have implications not only for the children themselves but for society as a whole. Caseworkers play a critical role in maintaining the wellbeing of foster children and in seeking permanent solutions for their care. Children’s chances for success are greatly increased when the professionals working with and for them are stable, consistent and well trained.

How does Children’s Corps address the need?

Inspired by the Teach for America model, Children’s Corps is enhancing the child welfare workforce through the specialized selection, training, and support of new caseworkers. Our mission is to improve children’s chances for success by building a workforce of highly skilled and dedicated workers who have the potential to become leaders in the field.

How does Children’s Corps work?

Children’s Corps plays a unique role similar to an employment agency, but specialized in child welfare. Children's Corps offers an employment alternative for individuals that want to work with at-risk children, youth and families. Children’s Corps partners with New York City child welfare agencies that employ the Corps members and provide them with a full salary and benefits. Children’s Corps offers an employment alternative for individuals that want to work with at-risk children, youth and families.

Children's Corps effects change through a multi-pronged approach.

Children's Corps is:

  1. Improving caseworker retention rates
    • The Children’s Corps average retention rate after one year is 87%, compared to the New York City foster care retention rate of 60% (in 2011).

  2. Improving opportunities and outcomes for children and families
    • Corps members are dedicated, strong advocates for children and families. They are focused on providing the best support to families and finding the best permanent solutions for youth in foster care.

  3. Creating future leaders in child welfare
    • Children’s Corps alumni are continuing to serve children and families. Many have either been promoted to higher positions and/or are pursuing graduate education to further their professional career.


Children’s Corps members are working in vavious front-line positions at foster care and preventive agencies throughout NYC’s five boroughs and Westchester. These professionals are impacting the lives of over one thousand New York City children and families and will affect thousands more as Children's Corps continues to expand.

Children's Corps alumni continue to effect change through a variety of professional tracks including: policy, legal, clinical. social entrepreneurship, agency administration, and academia. Many alumni are pursuing graduate degrees in these tracks. Others are continuing work at their agencies, often with promotions to supervisory, administrative and/or senior caseworker positions.

Are you a good fit for Children’s Corps?

Child welfare work is extremely rewarding, but can also be complex and demanding. It takes a strong and motivated individual to succeed in the field. Children's Corps wants to recruit and retain such individuals. We are looking for fun, energetic, passionate and dedicated people to join the program. Please read through this website, check out more information on who we’re looking for, and watch the video above to find out if Children's Corps is a good fit for you.