Social entrepreneurship is a quickly growing career path. People that choose to pursue an entrepreneurial career might begin their own agencies or invest in other agencies. Please read through some of the stories below for more.

Barry Chaffkin, LCSW, President & CEO, Fostering Change for Children


Mr. Chaffkin is a licensed clinical social worker with 22 years of experience in child welfare. Prior to establishing his own not-for-profit, Mr. Chaffkin began his career in foster care, where he functioned in various roles including caseworker, supervisor, administrator and director. As a foster care worker, Barry played a role in the permanency of nearly 2,000 children. Mr. Chaffkin is currently the co-founder and CEO of Fostering Change for Children where he trains and supports the individuals who serve children and families impacted by the child welfare system. Barry has found starting a grassroots not-for-profit from the ground up a challenge that allows for true “out of the box” thinking.

Child Welfare Beginnings

I learned so much from my experience as a caseworker; within two weeks I knew I would dedicate my life to child welfare. It has helped give me perspective on all areas of my life, and has contributed to my success in the non-profit world. I still remember and treasure the many families and children with whom I worked as caseworker. Being a social worker is not just a job; it is part of who I am.