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A Brave Space for LGBTQ+ Youth

UpFront is an affirming community of support for LGBTQ+ youth and young adults who have experienced foster care. The program aims to give young people tools to empower themselves and build their leadership, personal development, and safety in their communities.

UpFront is peer-driven. We believe that every youth’s voice is valuable and deserves to be heard. Our group leaders, Rosie and Brie, experienced NYC foster care as LGBTQ+ youth and aged-out as young adults. They helped design UpFront and will co-lead weekly sessions.

The program meets weekly (2-3 hours) in Bed Stuy, Brooklyn over 16 week cycles. These groups are the basis for forming community and support with others who care and having fun together.

Program participants receive:

Eligibility: Participants must be at-least 15 years-old and able to travel independently

Want to join UpFront or learn more?
If you are interested in joining UpFront and/or would like more information regarding the program
and partnership opportunities, please contact
Bryan Hill,