Information for Mentees

Becoming a Mentee

We recruit foster/adopted youth from New York City’s foster care agencies and adoption programs. Youth must be between the ages of 14-17 years old and either be: 1) adopted or 2) on the path towards adoption. Youth also must be able to travel alone to the group sessions.

Steps to Become a Mentee:

  1. A referral is made to the program, often by a caseworker. For more information about making a referral, contact Liv Anna Homstead,
  2. AdoptMent staff will review referral information and respond to the referral source within a timely manner to confirm youth’s enrollment in the program and gather more information. **If the program is at capacity or there is not available mentor, the youth may be put on a waitlist.
  3. The youth will then be matched with a mentor on paper and will be provided with a program calendar. This calendar will also be shared with the caseworker/socio therapist and the caregiver. The youth may also have the opportunity to talk to or meet with program staff if they are interested.
  4. Once matched with a mentor, youth will be invited to the first session where he/she will meet their mentor and the rest of the participants.